Laryngeal and Tracheal Disorders


The prompt diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal and tracheal pathologies is important as many of these disorders present with acute symptomatology and can be fatal if not quickly identified and managed. Often complex and involving both the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, these conditions frequently require multidisciplinary collaboration.

There is a broad spectrum of upper airway anomalies ranging from the more prevalent laryngo- and tracheomalacia to the less common tracheal stenosis, tracheal atresia and laryngotracheal cleft [1]. Regardless of the final diagnosis, the evaluation of these patients includes the use of imaging, direct and indirect laryngoscopy and rigid bronchoscopy[2].

see also Laryngomalacia, Subglottic Stenosis, Congenital Tracheal Stenosis, Tracheobronchomalacia and Laryngotracheoesophageal Clefts

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Last updated: November 2, 2020