Vascular Malformations

Ann M Kulungowski, MD, Phillip Guzzetta, MD, Steven Fishman, MD
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Vascular malformations are divided into simple and combined based upon the type of vessels involved.

Vascular malformations arise due to diffuse or localized errors of development. Any segment of the vascular tree may be affected including capillary, lymphatic, venous and lymphatic channels. Vascular malformations are divided into simple and combined based upon the involved vessel types. Simple malformations are then subdivided into subtypes. Combined vascular malformations are named according to the vessels involved. Vascular malformations associated with other anomalies such as overgrowth are categorized separately [1][2]. Distinct from vascular tumors, which exhibit postnatal growth due to endothelial proliferation, vascular malformations tend to exhibit growth commensurate with that of the child.

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Last updated: March 22, 2019