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Videos associated with past APSA annual meetings can be found here.


Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias from the APSA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee.

Drs. Quinn Capers, Kathryn Martin, Sabina Siddiqui, Hanna Alemayehu, Hira Ahmad, Kanika Bowen-Jallow and Numa Perez discuss how to recogize and avoid implicit bias.


Moral Injury from the APSA Wellness committee

Dr. Mary Brandt discusses moral injury for the American College of Surgeons Leadership summit.

Three part series on Moral Distress from the APSA Ethics and Wellness committees

Episode 1 What is moral distress

Episode 2 Moral distress rounds

Episode 3 Strategies for dealing with complications and difficult situations

An honest discssion about suicide

Dr. Brandt and Molly Booker discuss suicide.


Gun Violence Prevention from the APSA Health Policy and Advocacy committee

Drs. Kathryn Bass, Peter Masiakos,Richard Carmona, Denise Lillviss, Bindi Naik-Mathuria, Chethan Sathya and Ms. Robin Cogan discuss strategies for gun violence prevention. view the trailer


Muscle Sparing Thoracotomy

Brian Hickner and Bindi Naik-Mathuria display the technique for muscle sparing thoracotomy.

Last updated: August 23, 2021