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Videos associated with past APSA annual meetings can be found here.


Gun Violence PED trailer from the APSA Health Policy and Advocacy committee

Drs. Kathryn Bass, Peter Masiakos,Richard Carmona, Denise Lillviss, Bindi Naik-Mathuria, Chethan Sathya, Joseph Sakran, Marion C.W. Henry, and Ms. Robin Cogan discuss strategies for gun violence prevention.

Three part series on Pediatric Surgery, Education, Disruption (PED)

Episode 1 Gun Violence Education and Prevention

Episode 2 Gun Violence In America

Episode 3 Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

APSTPD Bootcamp 2020

The Association of Pediatric Surgery Training Program Directors (APSTPD) with the assistance of Tammy Tankersley, Program Manager at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, organized the 2020 Pediatric Surgery Bootcamp Virtual Curriculum around Pediatric Surgery Milestones. GlobalCastMD (Cleveland, OH) facilitated recording, editing, organization, and live streaming via Zoom (Zoom Video Communications, Inc., San Jose, CA) of all course content over a single day. Moderators: Drs Robert Baird and Harold Lovvorn

Bootcamp 35 Video Collection


Muscle Sparing Thoracotomy

Drs Brian Hickner and Bindi Naik-Mathuria display the technique for muscle sparing thoracotomy.


Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias from the APSA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee.

Drs. Quinn Capers, Kathryn Martin, Sabina Siddiqui, Hanna Alemayehu, Hira Ahmad, Kanika Bowen-Jallow and Numa Perez discuss how to recogize and avoid implicit bias.

Everyday Bias at Work

Speaker: Jessica Halem


Undescended Testes from the APSA Education Committee

Dr Pam Choi presents a Practicing Surgeons Curriculum on Undescended Testes

Episode 1 Management of Undescended Testes

Episode 2 Antibiotic Stewardship

Episode 3 Isotonic Maintenance Fluids

Episode 4 Endoscopic Surveillance after Esophageal Atresia Repair

Episode 5 Gas Embolism in Neonatal Laparoscopy

Practicing Surgeons

Hirschsprung Disease Nuances of Care Series

Drs Jacob Langer, Allan Goldstein, Jason Frischer, Luis De La Torre, Marc Levitt, Casey Calkins, Timothy Lee, Grace Mak, Megan Fuller, Megan Durham

Episode 1 How to Prep a Patient for Primary Pull Through

Episode 2 Hirschsprung Disease - Postop Enterocolitis

Episode 3 Suboptimal Hirschsprung result Colorectal session

Episode 4 Long-Segment Hirschsprung Disease Review


Moral Injury from the APSA Wellness committee

Dr. Mary Brandt discusses moral injury for the American College of Surgeons Leadership summit.

Three part series on Peer Support and how this helps surgeons recover after an adverse patient outcome

Episode 1 Moral Distress and Peer Support

Episode 2 Second Victim Syndrome: How Peer Support Can Help

Episode 3 How to Conduct a Peer Support Encounter

Click to learn more and access APSA Peer Support Program, if you would like to refer yourself or a friend/colleague for peer support

Three part series on Moral Distress from the APSA Ethics and Wellness committees

Episode 1 What is Moral Distress

Episode 2 Moral Distress Rounds

Episode 3 Moral Distress: Self Compassion

Moral Distress and the Pediatric Surgeon- Providing Tools for Moral Resilience

An honest discssion about suicide

Dr. Brandt and Molly Booker discuss suicide.

Last updated: October 16, 2022