Abdominal Wall Defects


Welcome to the APSA Quality and Safety committee Abdominal Wall Toolkit. This page is intended to help anyone who is interested in quality improvement of the management of patients with abdominal wall defects such as omphalocele or gastroschisis.

Available toolkit projects are listed below. Many of the approaches described are evidence based - some are not. These approaches have not been approved by APSA.

Sutureless Closure of Gastroschisis

Nemours / Dupont

This program worked with neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff to explain the rationale and develop detailed description with pictures of what sutureless closure for gastroschisis is expected to look like.



  • presentation to give to NICU staff describing the rationale with photographs

Stakeholders: surgeons, NICU nurses and neonatologists

Challenges and solutions: Everyone freaks out when they can see bowel so this normalizes it

Submitted by Loren Berman