Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Committee


The mission of the APSA Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy Committee is to help educate pediatric surgeons and their trainees in the area of fetal medicine. Further, the committee will collaborate with other organizations to help establish best practices for fetal therapy.

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The Prenatal Counseling Series was developed as a quick reference for pediatric surgeons.

The Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy: a Reference Handbook for Pediatric Surgeons is a ready reference that provides concise information about some of the more common fetal anomalies relevant to the pediatric surgeon. As the field is rapidly evolving, the contents of this handbook reflect the current knowledge and practice. As newer diagnostic capabilities and treatment modalities are discovered, this handbook will be updated as needed. This handbook will serve as a quick reference for the pediatric surgeon about to counsel a patient and a useful educational tool for the residents and fellows in training.